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Thursday, 12 October 2006

A magazine dedicated to the Overseas Filipino Workers
July-Sept : Volume 1 No. 1

This magazine is dedicated to you. For you and about you, for all of us ordinary folks who or one reason or another have to leave our country to carve a niche for ourselves somewhere in the world where we can hope to live with dignity and, possibly, ease.


Our country has not been able to provide for us for many reasons. Yet it is not possible to cut off the ties that bound us to it. A person without those ties will be adrift. Meanwhile, we hope to keep those values that we have learned with our parents’ guidance. And pass them on to our children that they may not lose the identity of being Filipinos.

This magazine therefore was created with you in mind. For we believe that young or old, rich or poor, we all have stories to tell, and to share. As the poem goes, “even the dull and the ignorant, they, too, have their story”. . . We aim to provide you a venue to share your pains and your joys, your struggles and your successes. For a chance to give voice to your thoughts, and questions that we hope to answer specially those concerns that we as OFW’s have for our future and that of our children. Perhaps we can also find those friends we may have inadvertently lost. Send us stories, about yourselves, your love life, or loss of it, the pets you love, your dreams and ambitions, with photos, of course, and we will try to give you all a space. For the first issue we will feature stories from Libya since it is the place we are most familiar with. From there we will move on outwards to other countries.

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