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Thursday, 02 August 2007
July-September 2007We have just celebrated our 109th year of Independence. In Tripoli, Libya we had a triple celebration as chronicled by Jose Maria de Leon.

Our feature story is from Jerick Aguilar in Tunis sharing his encounters with Filipinos in other parts of the world proving the reality of the Filipino diaspora.

Included here is the present concern of the overseas Filipino workers, the fast diminishing value of our dollar remittances. This problem affects every single Filipino abroad who has family to help out in the Philippines. That means all of us out here. Hopefully our good president may be able to do something about it

The article "Did I Marry the Right Person?" generated a number of letters. Here is one of them. T    here is also a letter of request for those interested to follow the religious vocation. For those who do not know where to go or ask, here is the information you need.

As I Mature is an article adapted from 1st holistic.com. It is a common observation. Why we cannot recognize it in ourselves is the question.

Our pet story is about love birds but deadly love birds at that which mirrored a human condition. Can it be possible that they also possess our deadly instincts?

The tale of woe is a story of greed. Some people cannot be content with what they have and having succumbed to greed cast himself and his family into grief.

Our sweetheart page is a wonderful story of love and an understanding of the Filipino foibles.

W e had survived the first year since this magazine had been conceived and are glad that stories are pouring in. We thank you for your support. May you continue to do so and help realize a dream, that of our country’s betterment and glory.
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