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Monday, 25 February 2008
Heroes Magazine Issue 6
Heroes Magazine Issue 6
Christmas is here once again and we are making preparations for the birthday of our Lord,  a new season of hope and joy. But is it really like that? It seems to me that all we have been doing so far is lip service. We see and hear everyday that more and more countries are in chaos, war is still going on and civil disruption is just round the corner especially in our own country. Let us try to make the Christmas season a real season of joy and love. Let us try to unite for the God we believe in, for each other and for our country. 

Our success story this issue is the story of Leo Torilla. He is someone, we can try to emulate.

Our feature story is an article sent from Miami, Florida. I was never enamored of going to the states in particular. Having read her story confirmed my belief that our country is still the better place to live in. Why would you want to go to a country where only breathing is free? And everyone is so conscious of their rights? Read the article on the comments made in the popular TV series “Desperate Housewives”.

I believe the main problem we have Filipinos is that we no longer possess the virtues and moral values taught to us by our faith and our parents. Here in the tales of woe is the story of someone who tried to assist a colleague in her time of need but got nothing for her efforts but disillusionment. This is not a unique story. Many of us can only take and not give back. Read, too, the open forum that was sponsored by the St. Francis Church, you have to be there to believe what transpired.

But there are times when one is seen by the eyes of a foreigner, like Steve Ray, and realize that perhaps all is not lost. And if you could read of something like the valedictory address of Ophel Belo, then you will know that there are still some of us who do care for our country. What they just need is to put words to action.

If you married a messy guy the article Did I marry the right person is for you. One of our contributors is someone who knew that life is a gift and a child the greatest gift there is.

Here is an article that tries to explain the so called increasing value of the peso. In fact, it is the dollar that is going down in a rapid deceleration. If it will not be arrested soon, everybody will suffer.

We have one reader who suffered a misfortune and request our prayers, please spare some time to offer that prayer for him and be thankful of God’s blessings. Still, there are real –life fairy tales as in the case of Loida and Charles. And life goes on.
Merry Christmas to all!

Cover: Jane Galang-Rader and son, Justin, with a friend enjoying early Christmas sights in Stuttgart Christmas Market, Germany. Taken on 2 December 2007.


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