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Monday, 22 October 2007
In an English class the teacher asked the students to use the following words in a sentence.

Calculator- Hello, Jim, I’ll calculator[ call you later]  when am free.

Contemplate- Please contemplate [count the plate] before you issue them to the Mess Hall.

Devastation- Tell me, where can I find devastation [ the bus station]?

Statue- Hello, hello,  somebody? Statue [ is that you], Jim?

Tissue- Oh, my goodness, tissue [ `tis you]!

Predicate- Please do not be cruel, predicate [free the cat] from that cage.

Aspect- This kitchen is such a mess, I cannot find the aspect [ ice pick]!

Defeat- Defeat [ the feet] of the patient is covered with blood.

Detail – Do not hold on detail [ the tail], it might come off.

Deposit- Please call the plumber, deposit [ the faucet] is leaking.

Depress- he was depress [ the priest] who performed my persuading [first wedding] ceremony.

Defense- Here are defense [ the pens ] to use in composing the essays.

Profit- You cannot just  make promises in words, you have to profit[ prove it].

Beehive- Your teacher has been complaining about you in class, please beehive [behave].

CD-ROM- You may CD-ROM [see the room] and see whether it suits you.

Defrag- If you kiss it, defrag [ the frog] will turn into a prince.

Defer- defer [ the fur] of your dog is much thicker than my dog’s.

Deflate- you cannot throw deflate [ the plate]out the window, you might hit someone.

Detest- I am sure to pass detest [ the test] as the teacher is my mother.

[Advice: Be more careful with your English, you may end up sounding like this. ]

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