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Monday, 27 November 2006
ImageMay 5, 2006 marked the opening of the most awaited Sports fest 2006 sponsored by the Filipino Community in Libya [FILCOL] and Overseas Workers Welfare Administration [OWWA]. The venue, Rajab Akasha, brings back memories of the sports competition held during the late 1980’s.

Rajab Akasha, situated at the heart of Tripoli, was filled with Filipinos and even expatriates from different parts of the country. Six Men basketball teams (NGEC, Zawia, LCM, Adwoc, Central Pasotti & Incredibles ), 4 Men Volleyball teams (Envoys, LCM, Oil Clinic and T M C) and 3 Ladies volleyball teams (Sbea, T M C & Oil Clinic)paraded with their respective muses followed by the entrance of colors by FILCOL members.

The program started with the singing of the National anthem and prayers from different religious groups. Different community/groups presented intermission numbers after which beauties from different teams paraded with their sports outfit. The TMC Men’s volleyball team muse (Sarah R. Gaddafi) was chosen Miss Sportsfest 2006 . The Adwoc team won the Best in Uniform Award.

For ten consecutive Fridays, volleyball games were held in the morning and basketball in the afternoon. While waiting for the Libyan referees, three points shootout competition were held wherein each team was represented by one player. Raffle tickets were also sold every Friday and raffled inbetween games with prizes from generous donors.

Here you can appreciate how Filipinos really unite when it comes to sports. Each team had their own supporters who happily joked with each other. Unfortunately, some do not know how to react when they hear irritating comments!

[This is where the trouble starts, which makes me wonder why some people go to games when they are irritated by noise and cannot abide commentaries directed on their players, as everybody is free to back up any team they wish to support. That is what sportsmanship is all about. Otherwise if you cannot bear hearing nasty comments, it is better to go home and stay there. Hecklings are part of demoralizing strategies. Let us take the recent example of French football hero, Zidane, who had an ignominious fall from grace because he could not live up to the sportsmanship expected of him. ]

Some games were played uneventfully but of course, as basketball is a very physical game there were some actions in the hard court which led to a sort of fistfight within and outside the playing court for the men, and exchange of abrasive words among the women. As a result Libyan policemen were present at the last day of the game which is a glaring commentary of the kind of sportsmanship or lack of it that we, Filipinos, seem to have.

July 21 marked the end of the 2006 Sportsfest. Only one basketball game played, between ADWOC and Central Pasotti Central Pasotti won the game.


ImageThe team Incredibles conceded the play against LCM for the Championship’s second game. LCM was declared Champion.


King of Three Points- Jojo Baquiran of LCM

 Volleyball (men)
 Champion - TMC
 1st Runner-Up
Oil Clinic
2nd Runner-Up
3rd Runner-Up








Champion - LCM
1st Runner-up - Incredibles
2nd Runner-up - Pasotti Central
3rd Runner-up - ADWOC
 Volleyball (Women)
Champion - T M C
1st Runner-up - Oil Clinic
2nd Runner-up - Sbea






Best Coach- Romy Camagong of LCM
Rookie of the Year - ??? [ should it not be Junni Apalla]

ImageThe games were more festive due to the presence of food stalls where you can avail of Filipino dishes and buy food prepared the Filipino way as well as dried fruits packed in plastic pouches all the way from the Philippines. For whatever shortcomings there may be, the games were still a wonderful way for the Filipinos to be together. We look forward to the Winter League and hope that even better management and show of sportsmanship will be displayed. We express our thanks to the organizers and supporters of the SPORTSFEST 2006!!!

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