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Monday, 27 November 2006
ImageJune 9, 2006, Friday, was a day of fun and excitement. It was a day when the Filipino community celebrated a joint Independence and Migrant Worker’s Day.

The event kicked off with the morning activities directed towards the enjoyment of the young. Several games were organized for their benefit. A formal atmosphere was projected in the afternoon when people were seen wearing the traditional costumes.

Image Different communities presented songs and dances during the event. Norman Mitchell, a comedian born of a Filipino mother and an American father culminated the presentation. The “Tuloy Aral” foster parents were especially honored.

The FILCOL took kudos in presenting a trilogy on the life of Filipinos in Libya skillfully directed by the energetic Josie Soriano. So many hidden talents were discovered that day such as the histrionic abilities of Bennie Bruno and Tessa Turqueza.

Nat Atienza showed he is not only an exceptional raconteur but also excellent in drama while Nica Abarquez, capably portrayed a spoiled brat. Through the able direction of Norma Bron, the community of Central Pasotti presented a song and dance number, “Ang Buhay ni Juan”. The Moslem Group, FILMAL, presented the ever elegant royal dance, “Singkil”.

Image Highlighting the whole affair was the dance interpretation by the Furnaj Filipino Community of the song “Magkaisa”. The dance was wonderfully choreographed by Cynthia Redondo. The dance interpretation embodied the pains suffered by a community in exile and found strength in unity- a theme which as a people living outside our own country we must try to emulate.
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