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Sunday, 18 May 2008
Heroes Magazine Issue 6
Heroes Magazine Issue 7
Hopefully the new year brought new and greater blessings. This is also the third year of HEROES existence, and we can now say that our presence is making a difference in promoting truth and the defense of our fellow OFW's. There is one problem, though, we seem to be defending people who do not know what the truth is, even if it stares them in the face. Though we seem to be fighting an insurmountable battle, we still hope, this attitude will change, once the truth is out.

And what have we got in Tripoli? A scandal of great proportions that is involving the Catholic Church and now seems to polarize the Filipino community.

Well, it cannot be helped if the shepherd in the church would allow himself to take sides instead of creating a venue where opposing groups and opinions can make themselves heard.Fr. Allan Arcebuche, OFM had always presented himself as a champion for the rights of the oppressed. Let us see whether this is true.

Mr. Ramon Galang, Human Resource Manager of LCM company seems to be in a most prominent position nowadays. We wish great things for him.

A reader, Mr. Ver Manahan, also of LCM company had been in correspondence with the editor. Do read what he has to say.

The Philippine Community School and its principal, Ms. Aleth Ramirez,  is in the center of controversy. Let us hope it can be resolved soonest since we do not wish the school children to be affected by the notoriety.

The article did I marry the right person continues to get questions which we are trying to give answers to. Here is one of them. And in connection with the article concerning Fr. Allan is an article on obedience. Is it right to always believe and follow a church official when he seems to be leaning to the extreme left?

Finally, we thank you for your support. May you continue to do so and help realize a dream, that of our country’s betterment and glory.
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