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Wednesday, 15 October 2008

ImageIn Tripoli, Libya who has not heard of Ramon Galang, the very much respected LCM Human Resource Manager, Acting Chairman of the Philippine Community School Board and best buddy of Fr. Allan Arcebuche, who you see almost every Friday at the St. Francis Catholic Church in Dahra, Tripoli, serving as commentator of the 4:00 o’clock mass for the Filipino community.

About two years ago, there was a rumor that one of the Filipino priests of the St. Francis Church in Dahra was transferred somewhere else because of an anonymous letter with CFC logo sent to their head office in the Philippines. Since this letter was supposedly written anonymously not much credence was given to it. Who in his right mind would entertain the notion of such an unsupported document where the writer cowardly sends something that he will not attest to? Surely the OFM hierarchy would not be so foolish as to believe it.

Apparently this supposition was attributed to yours truly. A piece of news that circulated to many people of which I was the last person to know. But because I learned of it two years too late I did not allow it to bother me. What I did was only to inform Fr. Allan that to do something underhand is not part of my make up. When I do something it will be for everybody to see. I am not a coward, I do not hide behind anyone or anything as some people do since I represent nothing, nor pretend to things I do not like unless I have to respond out of courtesy.

Later I discovered that such a memo actually existed, with an official letterhead, duly signed and stamped for official reasons. But it was not with a CFC logo, definitely not anonymous, distinctly not written by anyone from the CFC and certainly not by me. It was an official matter.

In February 2007, an amnesty for overstaying expatriates was announced. Out of the blue, Mr.

Galang himself informed some people that the amnesty was extended for a month. His

attention was

called by

Ambassador Bayani Mangibin since it was not true. In his turn, Ramon Galang seemed to think I was the untrustworthy person who informed the embassy about his invention. Apparently it never occurred in his highly intellectual head that anyone among those to whom he sent the message, would try to verify the claim that he made especially because it was fraudulent. He presumed it was something I did, just by imagining I overheard him. If such a report existed, I did not think it my concern as I have lived in Tripoli legally since 1984. What I did was again to tell Fr. Allan who is Ramon Galang’s friend; “Father, nakadalawa na si Ramon ha”.

When the controversy involving the Philippine Community School started, Ramon Galang, again spread a rumor but this time involving three others, as though very sure of his facts, that we want to take over the school even to the extent of informing his family and friends in the Philippines about it. His son told somebody who happened to work in my company. His accusations cannot be ignored as it had created some irritating incidents for us, and loss of friendships that we previously treasured, especially among those who are brainless enough to believe it.

Therefore, I, together with Mrs. Necitas Macavinta, Mrs. Nini Jaramillo, Mrs. Theresa Turqueza and my husband, Armando Ugates, had filed a complaint in the office of the Ambassador for Mr. Galang to answer our questions. We want him to produce solid proof of his allegations.

Since he refused to face us then, it is my privilege to feature him in this magazine.

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