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Tuesday, 04 November 2008
Heroes Magazine Issue 8
Dear friends

First of all, we extend our heartfelt felicitations to the former OWWA Administrator, now Secretary of the Department of Labor and Employment, Marianito Roque. We look forward to a continuation of his sterling service and administration.

The previous issue was an exposẻ of the real story behind the creation of the Tripoli Philippine Community School and a suggestion that the Principal would open the financial books of the school for an external audit. As a result the editor received crude messages from people who cannot understand what this fight is all about. I say fight because of the conduct of persons we thought of as friends and trashy mail. In other words, this fight has escalated into a war with no holds barred. Allow me, therefore, the indulgence to reply in as much as I’ve got. Because the opposition had used dirty tactics and a smear campaign not only towards the editor but also to the people they perceived as ‘partners in the crime’ of telling the truth. It is only just that we respond to clear our name which had been trampled upon with impunity and high disregard for truth and right.

This kind of attitude however is actually reflective of the present world we live in. People no longer know the norms by which we must live in order to be able to have a just and honorable society. Life has become a ‘dog eats dog’ culture. Sooner or later we will be no better than the animals in the jungle as we try to destroy one another not for betterment but in a mindless merry go round of following a blind leader who is leading the equally blind followers with no single thought of whether what they are doing is the right thing or not.

These people had been referred to as ‘pro school’. I disagree. They are not ‘pro school’. They are ‘pro principal’. If they are for the school, the parents and the children, then they will recognize the right thing to do. But their attitude is actually understandable. That is the same kind of attitude that a kidnapped victim shows to the kidnapper or the attitude of a sex slave shown to its master. There are a lot of examples of that around if you listen to the news. Just watch what is going on in America with a particular religious sect that victimized its own members and the defense they put up for their degrading way of life.

But, if there are still people who can see the light, however few they may be, then the fight will not be in vain. Herewith is featured the response of “BUKAS: or the association of the collective leaders and presidents of the different organizations in Tripoli. I thank them for coming out in defense of the truth.

One happy note that we have is the Tajura Caridac Center’s celebration of their 30th anniversary. Our very own Bennie Bruno was given the loyalty award. And a poem for Mother’s Day!

God bless

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