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Wednesday, 05 November 2008
Heroes Magazine Issue 9

Dear friends

It is with great pleasure to report that because of the stir we have made concerning the issues that surround the Philippine Community School in Tripoli, no less than the Honorable Secretary Dante Ang of the CFO came to see what the commotion was all about. Here is the wrap-up meeting with Secretary Dante Ang which the Philippine Community School administration and Board of Trustees tried to suppress by announcing that the result was a stalemate. Read and discover it was not a stalemate at all!

We have a story by Jerrick Aguilar a Filipino globe-trotter who is and always will be proud of being Filipino regardless of what some of our compatriots are doing to destroy our image abroad.

Then, we have an article concerning our Vice Consul Mary Jennifer Dingal. I wonder if you would be pleased if she would ever continue to stay in Tripoli as our head of mission.

Of course, our serialized article and advice as to whether you have married the right person. Hopefully this one answers how to live with a guy who puts the toilet seat up when you want it down.

We have a new contributor named Iris who, we anticipate, will continue to make contributions to the magazine. She is sharing her story about Thailand. It is my pleasure to relate the wonderful old-fashioned love story of Iko and Luncing Pardillo.

There is a letter sent by some parents and some concerned Filipinos to the Bishop in the hope that the good bishop will do something about their complaint. And my friend Maeng in the United States sent a story that I believe can open up our eyes to the truth of living in America.

Finally, we have the transcript of the meeting between Alex Manahan and the PCS Board. It is published to remind them of what they said that day.

God bless

The Editor

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