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Wednesday, 03 December 2008

ImageDear friends

Christmas is here once again but with the gloomy news around the world people need to cling on to their faith and hope for a better new year. As for us here in Tripoli, so many things are still left unresolved.

I was told that if I continue the pursuit of truth, I will be like Don Quixote [shades of Vice Consul Dingal’s "mag-iisa ka" ]. This was my reply; From the very beginning of this fight, I had always known I might end up alone. Well, that is par for the course. However, it only seems as if I am alone. I have many friends and supporters, my family’s support and I have God on my side, that is more than enough. Is God on my side? Oh yes! I believe He is, because God is Truth and Justice and He does not side with libelous persons.

Get acquainted with Dr. Bernardo dela Merced the first SALAAM President and the claim he made supported by the information from no less than the CFO-PSO which published the very origins of the Tripoli Philippine Community School. Hello! Mrs. Macamos, this is the pure unvarnished truth.

Read Fr. Allan Arcebuche’s homily and decide whether he is for the truth. Whereas, do few and far between, there are indeed people who believe in me and my fight. The letters from the readers affirmed this belief. Unearthed from frayed albums in pages 3 and 4, are the photos from the 1989 Hatid Saya Affair and the Raffle draw events. Couldn’t we say photos speak louder than words?

The Administration and Board of the Philippine Community School claimed that their power point presentation is privilege information, perhaps we need to discover what privilege information means.

In our tales of woe, Iris chronicled the story of a domestic helper and the heartlessness of her employers who got her in prison through their fault. Many others have similar experiences and even worse. In another page, Iris wrote of her nostalgia for the home she left behind, Roxas City, a condition that always happen to the OFW’s who left home to find a better life somewhere else.

Here also, we have a budding diplomat, Al Fathi Saluppidin Mustafa, who tries to explain the intricacies of diplomacy. We wish him the best of luck. And of course, the fifth in our series of Did you Marry the right person about TV channel hopping that most men do and keeps women fuming.

In this season of supposed hope and cheer, it is becoming difficult to find joy but let us try to hold on for each other. I can promise you I may fail, but I will not fail from lack of trying, not only for those who believe in this fight but for the parents who brought me up, for the country that I love and the GOD I believe in.


Merry Christmas & a Prosperous New Year to all.


_The Editor

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