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Written by Diane   
Monday, 27 November 2006
ImageOur cat was born at 6 AM on the 6th of June 2001 in a basket in our living room while we were having breakfast. He has a Siamese mother and a Turkish father.

He had two other siblings both of which we gave away but we retained Skye, named after the pristine white clouds as he looked quiet and biddable. While he was growing up we tried to toilet train him as it became quite arduous to be bringing in sand every afternoon and throwing it every day as it becomes very smelly from his pee.

Image Cat that he is, Skye, I would say is a disgrace to his fellow felines as he has no sense of direction. One stormy evening, he went out and was unable to return home.

We finally found him the following afternoon perched on the ledge of someone else’s balcony as he was afraid to come down.

We tried calling, alternately persuading and threatening him until finally in desperation I took a plank of wood for him to crawl upon. At first he was persuaded to crawl on the plank but halfway on it he happened to look down and with such abject expression of fright he backed away. I was flabbergasted but got another piece of wood, anyway, to place beside the first one.

Finally Skye crept on it in great terror, his head swiveling back and forth, and looking down all the time with his belly practically touching the wood’s surface, meanwhile mewling pitifully. I was glad nobody noticed the whole episode as I was so disgusted with his behavior.

One day my father unknowingly opened the bathroom door only to find Skye perched on the toilet bowl doing his thing. He was so surprised on the intrusion that he fell into the bowl and papa retreated, profusely apologizing while mama started laughing as it vastly amused her.

Meantime, Skye resumed his interrupted activity in offended dignity refusing to take notice of our amused faces. But of course I knew, Skye does not think he is a cat.

Sadly, Skye left us. Perhaps he felt ousted because I have acquired a dog we named Hycee, who proved to be the bane of his life. Hycee having no playmates would nip Skye’s ears, tail or “whatnots” which would infuriate him.

He can draw blood at the swipe of a paw so that quite unfairly we always tell him to desist as Hycee is so much smaller than he is. Then he disappeared Every now and then I looked out the window or glanced around when I go walking round our village hoping Skye just got lost and will come home again.
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