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Thursday, 07 December 2006

ImageIt is great  to welcome Minister & Consul General Sahid Glang and his beautiful wife, Mercedita or Mendy. They have just arrived from Cairo, Egypt where the Consul had served for about    7 years. They are blessed with 3  children.

ImageWe also extend  warm greetings to Sharon Faye Anonuevo, a consultant  of Soluziona Philippines who came  to implement an improved customer service system for the use of electricity. She was pleasantly surprised to discover   she likes it here though there are no bars nor huge shopping malls to speak of. She said, “one of Libya’s greatest treasures is its warm hearted friendly people”.


A warm welcome, too, to Mr. and Mrs. Nicolas St. John Kirby who arrived two months ago from Amsterdam. Nick Kirby is Senior Surveyor  of Shell Exploration, while his lovely wife, Judy, keeps home in their Gargaresh Road  residence. Image

Incidentally, Mr. Oca Oblefias, CFC country coordinator, here to visit CFC Tripoli Chapter, was seen seated with Reinier Turqueza during PGMA visit.

ImageWe congratulate Welfare Officer Nasser Mustafa for his new appointment as Labor Attache II, here shown with Madam Apsa.

Late as it may seem, we also welcome,  Vice Consul Mary Jennifer Dingal who arrived Tripoli sometime in May 2006.

ImageWe cannot present this page without the old timers like  Eng. & Mrs. Generoso Bruno who celebrated their 24th  wedding anniversary on the 24th of July. Bennie is a nurse at Tajura Cardiac Center who first came in 1980. Eng. Bruno followed and at present he  is working with Shilla Industrial Co. They are blessed with 3 children. 

ImageLouie & Nini Jaramillo of Zuetina Oil Company, had been in Tripoli for the past 23 years because they find it peaceful and, of course, because Louie has a good job with great privileges. They met in Tripoli but were wed in the Philippines. They have an only daughter, Precious.


Gabby Guillemer came to Tripoli in 1988 as a bachelor working for Christian International Ltd. He then met pretty Vilma who was working as a midwife under the Ministry of Health in 1992. They got married in 1993 and now have 3 beautiful children. They love Tripoli because most of the memorable events in their life happened here.



Ramon Galang of LCM had lived in Libya for the past 19 years. He said, “here I found the time for God and  serve Him faithfully”. In fact he is very active in several community services.



Awal Ajanti of POLO-OWWA said, “I consider Libya my second home. I completed my education here and found myself perfectly content in this country. I conquered the heart of my wife here and now have four kids”.

Tess Orodio of the Maltese Embassy had been in Tripoli for about 19 years. She loves it here and says, “Tripoli is a great starting point to tour the world”

Fidel Losloso of Falcon SA had lived in Tripoli for about 24 years. He said, “all living amenities are free and I attained financial stability here”.

Ma. Fe Corpuz came in 1985 under the Ministry of Health. Now she works as an executive officer of Corinthia Hotel. She said “it is easy to find a job here and nobody is really poor”. Husband, Arnel is with the German Embassy.

Cynthia Redondo of Veba Oil Operations got married here. She finds Tripoli the best place to raise children of which she has three.

Glen & Fe Villagracia both lived in Tripoli for over 20 years. Glen works with the South African Embassy while Fe, is a nurse at the Al Razi Hospital. Glen said “living here may not be easy but you can face life’s challenges squarely”.  The couple is blessed with 3 children, Chaste, Dave & Em-em.

Tessa Turqueza of Marubeni Company had lived here in Tripoli for about 24 years. She said,  “Libya is a very peaceful country”.

Dr. Zenaida Concepcion had been in Libya for almost 30 years. She loves it here because she said, “the patients and the people love me including my superiors and colleagues”.

Marlene Baldueza of Gargaresh Hospital had lived here with her family for about 16 years. She said life is simple, you need not “go along with the Joneses”.

Bong Deonoso had lived in Tripoli for about 20 years working as a self-employed hair stylist and beautician. He likes Tripoli since as he said there are no ‘hassles’ here.

Danilo Huerto of the Italian Embassy had lived in Tripoli with his family for about 25 years. He likes it here because, “Life is very good and the family is together”.

With all these people around, Tripoli is definitely a home!

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