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Tuesday, 03 February 2009

ImageDear friends

New Year 2009! I hope you made resolutions that you will really keep. I also hope that your resolutions will include not only the wish of peace and prosperity to everyone but the effort and the will to enforce them. and I mean really and truly exert effort to do something about ourselves, our family and our community. For it is only in doing and going beyond our own selfish selves that we can effect change.

In Tripoli, things are looking up slowly but surely. Things will change for the better. This is sure! Though when and how is in God’s hands but it is sure to happen. For those parents who still insist that they do not know or that the editor do not know what the problem is, I invite you to visit these pages and see for yourself how you are duped.

I had the good fortune to have acquired the PCS Financial Report 2007-2008  and though I am not an accountant, I do know when rules and regulations are bent to suit someone’s purpose. Read pages 10-13 to get answers.

The Philippine Community School’s Board of Trustees President would like to emphasize that they have integrity. In case, he does not know what it means since practically all of them do not act as a person with integrity should, I have decided to expound on the meaning of the word “integrity”. Sr. Eva Estolloso is a nun in the congregation of the Daughters of Charity except that she does not behave so. Well, these things happen. Let us hope her New Year’s resolution is to function as she should and not as she would.

Many of us had become indifferent to the things going on around us. Many of us also want to maintain peace at any cost. That is why those who want to take advantage of this attitude can do so with impunity. Nobody wants to rock the boat. Well, sometimes, it just had to be rocked to effect change. But it cannot be done by one person alone. It has to come from the collective will of all who understand what is at stake and exert a concerted effort so that something better can take effect. And if we can do it here in Libya, we can do it anywhere and everywhere.

I hope we can reach out to each other to do this and someday we can look back and proudly tell our children; I had been part of the change that made it possible

I hope this is your New year’s Resolution as it is mine.  A Peaceful and Prosperous New Year to all.    

_The Editor

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