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Thursday, 07 December 2006

Doctor’s Advice:

Dear Doctor,

I am 18 years old. Some say am quite good looking.
Sadly my countenance is troubled by intractable acne,
more prolific than the craters of the moon.

This is a cry from the heart. Please help!!!

-- Acneferous guy



Dr. Bekassy’s reply:


Dear acneferous guy,

Acne is a very common skin lesion in young people caused by improper balance of hormones in your body, fatty substances produced by the skin glands and the presence of certain skin bacteria.

In most cases the lesions appear on the face and/or the anterior and posterior chest wall. There are two major forms: mild and severe. To treat mild acne, which is not an inflammatory process I suggest to use topical treatment containing antibiotics and substances to dry the skin and unplug the pores (OTC creams containing Benzoyl Peroxide, Clindamycin or Erythromycin).

Severe acne is characterised by inflammation of the affected areas therefore it should be treated by a dermatologist since successful treatment often requires the administration of oral antibiotics in addition to the use of topical treatment (similar to the creams mentioned above).

Rule No 1: Do not look at your skin lesion as a major cosmetic disaster!

Rule No 2: However big the temptation, do not pick on your face because it will cause irreversible damage to the otherwise unaffected glands with subsequent scarring as well as further spreading of the bacterial infection.

Rule No 3: Do not be in a hurry to see results! To get rid of the pimples and inflammation you may need to continue the treatment for months and sometimes for years. And rest assured, with timely and proper treatment it will heal without leaving your face badly scarred.

Rule No 4: Do remember that in spite of what now seems to be a great misfortune, there will always be someone who will find you the most beautiful person on earth.
With best wishes:
Dr. S. Bekassy, MD, PhD.

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