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Wednesday, 17 June 2009
ImageDear friends

Happy Easter!

Let us hope that people especially Filipinos everywhere have learned the lessons of their faith and not just pay lip-service to it.

At one time Labor Attachẻ Nasser Mustafa expressed the sentiment that he does not know why many people accuse him of sponsoring the magazine when he had not given one single cent for it except the occasional ink, A4 and A3 bond aside from the fact that the magazine is printed under the auspices of POLO-OWWA which is my right as an OFW. He further stated that not one single article is Muslim in character.

I have kept that in mind and so when  Thea Rana-Nabo sent the speech of Toni Leviste, I decided to print it to prove that neither do I have particular preferences provided we are promoting the same objective. Toni Leviste is the epitomẻ of that goal.

Fr. Allan Arcebuche also sent me an article from Migrante, excerpts of which I decided to print. I do not want it said that I am one-sided. But of course having said that, I do want to express my opinion concerning the article he sent.

Before I forget, I received letters from parents who wish to remain incognito. Well, I am glad enough that they did. Though they have preferred anonymity, the letters just proved that there are those too frightened to speak out.

Happy Mothers Day! Herewith an article for all mothers, grandmothers and daughters, who may become mothers someday, written by none other than our Princess.

And happy Independence Day! I hope we still remember our values and what made us great as a people though those values seemed to have been discarded along the way, perhaps on this occasion we will remember and not only remember but stand up and be counted for what we should be.

I was told that I am being unfair to the DFA. In so far as I can ascertain, I have not made derogatory comments against the DFA as an institution, I only made truthful comments about some people in it. Must I emphasize that we should know our English well? If they do not wish to be criticized, they should perform their jobs properly, that is what they are paid for.

In this connection, we welcome the new ambassador to Libya, His Excellency Ambassador Alejandrino Vicente. May he prove to be the father that we need. Time, of course, will tell.

God bless                

_The Editor
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