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Monday, 13 July 2009
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Speech of Toni Leviste
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During a recent youth activity I helped facilitate amongst 50 plus out-of-school youth, public and private high school kids, I challenged them to do only one thing: I challenged them to dream. As I would challenge the Muslim youth of today.

We each have one voice. May it be roar or whisper… no one voice, no one dream is more important than another’s, at least not in God’s eyes, which is the only one that matters. Whatever our stature in life, rich or poor, weak or strong, educated or illiterate we each have a purpose, a mission to be fulfilled. And it is not live and die, without making a difference in this world…our mission is to give glory to God every moment we can… To leave this world a little bit better than how we found it.

is why God plants seed of dreams in our hearts.

Like a seedling of an acacia tree that can grow to a hundred feet with branches spread out towards the heavens, our dreams, once planted in our hearts and in our minds, had been placed there by Allah for a reason. It is up to us to heed that call, to take action.

The most important lesson I have learned as an athlete is that with hard work, dedication, discipline and determination, and God’s blessings through prayer, any goal can be achieved… the seed will grow like the acacia tree, cultivated by the hand of a farmer and nurtured by nature’s bounty of sunshine and rain, will grow manifest the splendor of God.

“ So many of our dreams at first seem impossible, then they seem improbable, and then we summon the will… and with God’s grace, they soon become inevitable.”


I dare the Muslim Youth today to dream… to make a statement… to put a stamp in the world that you had LIVED and LABORED and DREAMED… all in the name of Allah. When we stand in the direction of Allah, Allah will provide for all. As written in Surah 17 verse 30: “Verily thy Lord doth provide sustenance in abundance for whom he pleaseth.”

Let no one say to you, you are not enough because you belong to a marginalized sector of society… let no one say to you, you cannot achieve, you cannot become or you cannot dream. Heed the call…have courage amidst difficulties. Both obstacles and adversaries are there to make us stronger and wiser. Be thankful for them.. Rise to the challenge my brothers and sisters and dare to dream. Allah will provide.

Allahu Akbar.
Shukran Jazilan.

 [ I  respect  all ideas and views regardless of faith. I also believe that we worship the same God, but  because of culture and linguistics differences, we may worship Him differently. Yet I know that we can live peacefully in co-existence as long as we have that respect for another. This article is published to show that we can all live in harmony together with esteem for each other.-ed]

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