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Thursday, 27 August 2009

ImageDear friends



Greetings of peace to the Filipino Community of Tripoli!

As you may have noticed, the magazine had technically changed address though, of course it is still where POLO-OWWA is located since the Filipino Workers Resource Center is in the same building.  

Why is that?
Well, this is because I feel I owe it to Labor Attachẻ Nasser Mustafa to distance myself from his sponsorship. The Labor Attachẻ seems to have become the favorite target of  much criticism nowadays, whether truthful or not, and I cannot help feeling it is because some people wants the magazine closed by having the Labor Attachẻ recalled or transferred as what happened to Vice Consul Dr. Mary Jennifer Dingal. In fact Fr. Allan Arcebuche, OFM, sent me an article from Migrante belaboring the involvement of Labatt Mustafa to the contract substitution of the CIFEX  Co. which I featured in the previous issue including my opinion of this very transparent subterfuge. 
The FWRC was created under the auspices of POLO-OWWA as a place of assistance for OFW’s. Being an OFW, myself, I have every right to avail of its resources and address whether the Labor Attachẻ and the DFA likes it or not. It solves Labatt Mustafa’s difficulties and my dilemma.

Again I would like to emphasize that I am not being unfair to the DFA and to anybody for that matter. I only wrote of the unprecedented truth. If people do not wish to be criticized, they should perform their jobs properly, that is what they are paid for. Otherwise they should give up their jobs and give it to those who can do it well.

My father used to say that all persons are equal beneath the skin whether rich or poor. They all get hungry, develop stomach aches, and go to the bathroom. It is his homespun philosophy that had guided me through the years and is the reason why so far in my life I have never been intimidated by anybody. I still have to meet the person who could.

Before Amb. Bayani Mangibin left Tripoli, he told me I could become like Don Quixote of La Mancha, who was left alone in his fight. Well, I may be alone but the fight is not proving unsuccessful. Whether people believe it or not, it is having some positive results though the people involved may not want to accept it so.

But I am not out to prove anything one way or another. The fact that there is an effect is enough for me. I have not lost hope. The Almighty will do something in his Time.

God bless                




                                                                         _The Editor

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