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Monday, 30 November 2009

ImageDear friends


Yuletide tidings of joy and Prosperity!

Though it seems, the world is not over the crisis as yet. We are experiencing typhoons one after the other in the Philippines with more to come.

The worst so far are Typhoon Ondoy and Peping which both brought destruction and havoc to many lives primarily in Luzon. But observing the help that the victims had afforded each other, it is heartwarming to note that we still possess the love of neighbor that is often lacking in our daily lives. Would that it will always be so, whether in the middle of a typhoon or in calm weather.

Here in Tripoli, we have been sending help in any way we can and that is great. POLO-OWWA had organized an Interfaith Prayer and raised some funds through the different organizations and denominations.  Some have done it through their own initiative and directly sent their assistance to the Philippines. In whatever way it was done, the most important thing is that everyone involved did their best to do something. Let us continue with the generosity that we can afford and even beyond if we could.

The controversy involving the Philippine Community School is continuing. Some of my friends think, I am wasting my time for people whose minds are closed, they refused to see the truth that stares them in the face. Indeed, what Ambassador Bayani Mangibin had said seems to be coming true. Like Don Quixote, I will be alone in this fight.

Perhaps! But the truth is,  the  parents are only incidental in this issue, the main issue is  my country!  In the long run it is the future generation and therefore the future of my country that is at stake. Did not Jose Rizal say that the youth is the future of our country? What kind of future would that be if they continue to be educated in such a system where the values of truth and integrity, no longer exist?

Many people bemoan the fact that our country is being run by corrupt officials and, we have accepted that the malaise that had taken a grip in our country has manifested itself even in Tripoli. So why are we not doing something to break this complacency? Why keep on blaming the corruption that exist yet not do anything about it?

I cannot let go for personal reasons. But more important, I cannot let go because if I do, then I will be as guilty as they are. To do nothing is to allow the atrocity to continue. If I do not do as I believe I should, I will not be able to sleep soundly at night. And I honestly believe, the Almighty will do something, however long it takes,  in His Time. Merry Christmas!!!

                           _The Editor

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