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Thursday, 22 April 2010
ImageDear friends

Greetings of a wonderful year!

But  the world is not over the crisis as yet. Just after the New Year, different calamities have occurred one after the other.

The worst so far is the earthquake in Haiti followed by the different earthquakes in different parts of the world like Chile and Taiwan.

Then there were  floods in Peru, France and Spain and the Tsunamis again in Chile as far as Japan.

Indeed, and so far, we seem not to have taken a breath when another news of another disaster comes in additiont to the bombings in Iraq and the depreciation of both the Euro and the Dollar.

Perhaps it is because the Lord in the form of Mother Nature is chastising us. Who knows? We seem to have gotten lost of what we are here for on earth.

I am not one for dire predictions, but did you notice that most of the countries that are overwhelmed are mostly Catholics? It reminds me of Sodom and Gomorrah. The Lord punishes His people because He loves them and wants them to realize their wrongdoings before it is too late.

Like the controversy involving the Philippine Community School that is continuing unabated. They keep on saying they want reconciliation but so far nobody had apologized for the inconvenience and the damage they have done.

Well, I can wait. I have patience enough. It really does not bother me one way or another, until they can come to their collective senses.

Will it happen? Why not? In God’s own time!


Do I sincerely and truly believe it? Oh, yes, I do!

In God’s time which may be another month, another year or even two. It does not matter, after all, I am still here to see it through.

Happy New Year!


                                   _The Editor

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