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Thursday, 22 April 2010
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Dear Editor


Dapat mag-ingat ka. Kaibigan ng PCS Administration ang Minister of Education at paiimbestigahan ka nila.

Naaawa ako sa iyo dahil gusto mo kaming tulungan hindi naman kaya ng mga magulang na lumaban.

Pagpalain ka nawa ng Diyos.

Magulang na concerned


Happy New Year to you!

Honestly, I am just glad that there are parents who really understand what is happening though as you say you cannot do anything against it.

But you cannot do anything because you do not unite to really do something. And some of you are just glad that somebody else is taking up the fight while others are simply indifferent and cannot really comprehend what this is all about.

However, to know that somebody does understand is enough. I really do not need a lot of people to clutter the view.

In fact, that had already happened before I took up this fight alone and it did no good because everybody else have their own agenda to follow.

This investigation you are talking about had already taken place. I don’t think I am the worse for wear because of it.

Indeed and perhaps, it is possible that this investigation is to my favor.

Thanks for the letter of support. For this alone, I am already grateful

God Bless!

                                                                                                The Editor



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