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Thursday, 18 November 2010
ImageDear friends




Again I am reminded of how time seems to be flying.

The worst that happened to us is the hostage- taking fiasco in the Philippines that reverberated all over the world. Many different opinions had been expressed because of it. I chose to print that of a Dutch national married to a Filipina because though many are upset, his words are in many instances unfortunately true. And his concern was mainly for his children who are half-Filipinos. Because of it, I received e-mails from my former classmates of the Chong Hua Hospital School of Nursing 1975. Two of them I really appreciate for the indignation that they felt and the pride and understanding that they expressed for our own people.


On the other hand, I printed the response from berdibert of KSA, since he understood what the Dutch man felt and had understood what triggers it. For my part, I both understood and glad for others to take up the cudgels, since it would be hypocritical of me to deny what this person is saying having first hand witness of these stupidities among the Filipinos here in Tripoli.


Another article from Alex Lacson expressed the pride of being Filipino. That it has one of the biggest hearts, extending to the Jews, victims of the Holocaust, the Filipino hospitality amidst danger. That the Filipino mind is one of the world’s greatest assets, that it is one of humanity’s best example of the nobility of the human spirit, that the Filipina is one of the world’s most beautiful creatures. All these and more, Alex Lacson had extolled and I agree with him, that we can be proud of being Filipinos. However, I also have to say that we cannot rest on these accomplishments and proceed to create blunder after blunder. Then there is another letter from a Filipina, Ms. Remedios Paningbatan, who wrote of the reality of the Filipino today. And all that she said is also true. Although the hostage crisis was one single incident but it happened because of the present reality of corruption, indifference and irresponsibility that our leaders are  doing.


Indeed let us take pride in being Filipinos. But let us also take responsibility for our actions, be honest and honorable as the examples that Alex Lacson had written and that can be done only by what we do and not by what we say!

The Editor
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