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Veronica Ugates
Editor in chief

Veronica Cadag-Ugates is a graduate of Chong Hua Hospital School of Nursing class 1975. She graduated the Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing in 1978 at Velez College, Cebu City and took the Master’s Degree in Nursing Administration at the Ateneo de Zamboanga in 1981.


She served as the first Chief Nurse of the newly opened Filipino-Libyan Friendship Hospital in Marawi City in 1983. On the following year, she came to Tripoli, Libya to work in the Pediatric Nursery of El Khadra Hospital. In 1989, she transferred to Veba Oil Operations where she is at present the Senior Nurse.


She is active in community and pastoral activities of the St. Francis Church, Dahara, Tripoli, having served as Youth coordinator-teaching speech, drama and dancing; Newsletter Editor and Pre-marital counselor.


She was Libya’s representative to the World Youth Day organization in 2003 for the WYD in Cologne, Germany.


She was chosen one of the Bayaning Pilipino Awardees 2005 sponsored by POEA given at Malacañang Palace in December 2, 2005.


She has also contributed articles to Misyon Magazine, the latest of which is featured in the November- December 2006 issue.




Contributing Editor

Cris Evert Lato


Cris Evert Lato is a graduating Mass Com student at the University of the Philippines Visayas Cebu City College. She is the chairperson of a socio-civic organization called UP Cebu Tsinelas whose aim is to provide financial assistance and holistic development to children in mountainous and depressed areas in Cebu.

She was chosen Best Female Delegate during the Democracy Summer Fest-Civic Engagement Module sponsored by the US Embassy and the International Visitors Program. She is a member of the 6th National Youth Parliament which convened in Tagbilaran City, Bohol in October 2006. She also represented Cebu City in UNIV regional and national congresses – an annual gathering of female university students to present research papers about women empowerment in the media.

Evert is an Aboitiz future leader and a volunteer for advocacy organizations Barug! Pilipino and Friends of Pedro Foundation Inc. On top of that, she is Vice-President for Administration of the Union of Progressive Students, a socio-political party in UP Cebu.
She writes for Cebu Daily News- the local affiliate of the Philippine Daily Inquirer and a Cebuano newsletter in UP  called Bathalan-ong Halad sa Dagang [Bathalad].

Latest of her accomplishments is, as the chosen representative among 45 multi Asian youth delegates to the East Asian Seas Congress held in Haikuo, China in November 2006.

Evert is the eldest of four siblings, born and raised in Cebu City but at age nine her family left Cebu and settled in Merida, Leyte, hometown of her father, a seaman. A self-confessed lover of yakult and cream-O, this achiever plants trees on her birthday.

Evert is a consistent honor student since her elementary years. She believes in the motto of never giving up because “day by day, in every way, she’s doing better and better”.


 Catherine Bacoto

Managing Editor

Catherine Bacoto



Contributing Editor

Dr. Szabolcs Bekassy


 Marielle Madoginog

Operations Manager

Marielle Madoginog

Graduate of the bachelor of Business Management Major in Hotel & Restaurant Management in 2003 at the University of the Philippines, Cebu City.

She is at present employed with Celestica Philippines, Inc.  in Lapu-lapu City,Mactan, Cebu.


Analisa Magsino 

Web Developer


Native of Laguna, she studied nursing at the Emilio Aguinaldo College then shifted to BSA at the University of the Visayas, Cebu City in 1993. She took crash courses in computer programming, computer networking/troubleshooting, web development at Informatics Computer School and Genetic Computer Institute in 2000-2002.

She contributed poems at www.emanila.com the latest of which was featured in October 1996 titled “Hanggang Kailan”.