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Monday, 19 February 2007
A magazine dedicated to the Overseas Filipino Workers This is the second issue of our magazine, thanks to all of you. And since this is for you, I encourage any and all comments and suggestions to be sent so as to improve contents and to meet our objectives. One comment we received is that they find the magazine too “high brow”. We thank you for this observation.
However one of the objectives we have is to improve the English proficiency of our younger generation. Sad to say, a lot of our new graduates are quite deficient in English, that is why we included a ‘Language proficiency corner”. Allow me to remind you that one reason why Filipinos have a lot of chances to work abroad is our proficiency in English, which in the past few years have deteriorated alarmingly. For this reason, I’d like to stick to the format we have started. You may send in the words you find too difficult and we will include it in the next Language Proficiency Corner. We also received a letter from an expatriate. We featured it here as we find it quite inspiring and there are observations she shared. One of our contributors is Christopher Allaga, who wrote the story about Bubbles, his best friend We encourage you to do the same. Do not worry about grammar, correcting/rearranging, that is the editor’s job. And do not worry about sending it in Pilipino or even Visayan. We will take care of it. Our sweetheart page is a modern fairy tale. We also have a story from UK with love.
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