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Tuesday, 22 May 2007

Heroes Magazine Issue 3 Cover Happy New Year! I hope your new year resolutions are not just words of mouth but something really worthwhile doing our feature story is written by Gilbert Meneses, who used to work in Libya. He sent an article concerning his experiences here. Cris Evert Lato attended a conference on the environmental protection of the East Asian Seas in China. She shared her experience there.

Our success story is the celebration of the 50th wedding anniversary of Lolo Peding and Lola Openg, grand uncle and grand aunt of Precious Jaramillo. Why a success? Because it is not everyday and anybody who can celebrate their golden anniversary. Marriages had to be sustained by effort, love and the grace of God to be able to reach it.
The story in our sweetheart page is a fairy tale very much in keeping with valentines.

Graduation is round the corner. It marks new challenges which we trust you will be able to face squarely. We have featured here a story by Staci Stallings which hopefully can guide you in the years ahead. Congratulations to the new graduates!

Would you agree that there are gay cats? Do read about Tutu, the Persian princess.

One reader, a single mother, shared a story that is quite familiar. There are so many single mothers in our society. They deserve accolade for their commendable efforts to keep their children in school and provide for their future, something that a lot of fathers seem to have neglected.

Included in this issue are letters from third year high school students of St. Scholastica’s College, Manila in reaction to an article they have read. They show depth of feelings that adults sometimes do not realize they have. We also have a new contributor of tagalog poems from Bahrain, Analisa ‘Chinkai” Magsino.

Do continue to send us your stories to create a record of our struggles and triumphs as a people and as Filipinos. GOD BLESS...
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