Heroes Magazine Issue 13
Thursday, 27 August 2009

ImageDear friends



Greetings of peace to the Filipino Community of Tripoli!

As you may have noticed, the magazine had technically changed address though, of course it is still where POLO-OWWA is located since the Filipino Workers Resource Center is in the same building.  

Why is that?
Well, this is because I feel I owe it to Labor Attachẻ Nasser Mustafa to distance myself from his sponsorship. The Labor Attachẻ seems to have become the favorite target of  much criticism nowadays, whether truthful or not, and I cannot help feeling it is because some people wants the magazine closed by having the Labor Attachẻ recalled or transferred as what happened to Vice Consul Dr. Mary Jennifer Dingal. In fact Fr. Allan Arcebuche, OFM, sent me an article from Migrante belaboring the involvement of Labatt Mustafa to the contract substitution of the CIFEX  Co. which I featured in the previous issue including my opinion of this very transparent subterfuge. 
The FWRC was created under the auspices of POLO-OWWA as a place of assistance for OFW’s. Being an OFW, myself, I have every right to avail of its resources and address whether the Labor Attachẻ and the DFA likes it or not. It solves Labatt Mustafa’s difficulties and my dilemma.

Heroes Magazine Issue 12
Wednesday, 17 June 2009
ImageDear friends

Happy Easter!

Let us hope that people especially Filipinos everywhere have learned the lessons of their faith and not just pay lip-service to it.

At one time Labor Attachẻ Nasser Mustafa expressed the sentiment that he does not know why many people accuse him of sponsoring the magazine when he had not given one single cent for it except the occasional ink, A4 and A3 bond aside from the fact that the magazine is printed under the auspices of POLO-OWWA which is my right as an OFW. He further stated that not one single article is Muslim in character.

I have kept that in mind and so when  Thea Rana-Nabo sent the speech of Toni Leviste, I decided to print it to prove that neither do I have particular preferences provided we are promoting the same objective. Toni Leviste is the epitomẻ of that goal.

Heroes Magazine Issue 11
Tuesday, 03 February 2009

ImageDear friends

New Year 2009! I hope you made resolutions that you will really keep. I also hope that your resolutions will include not only the wish of peace and prosperity to everyone but the effort and the will to enforce them. and I mean really and truly exert effort to do something about ourselves, our family and our community. For it is only in doing and going beyond our own selfish selves that we can effect change.

In Tripoli, things are looking up slowly but surely. Things will change for the better. This is sure! Though when and how is in God’s hands but it is sure to happen. For those parents who still insist that they do not know or that the editor do not know what the problem is, I invite you to visit these pages and see for yourself how you are duped.

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