Heroes Magazine Issue 17
Thursday, 18 November 2010
ImageDear friends




Again I am reminded of how time seems to be flying.

The worst that happened to us is the hostage- taking fiasco in the Philippines that reverberated all over the world. Many different opinions had been expressed because of it. I chose to print that of a Dutch national married to a Filipina because though many are upset, his words are in many instances unfortunately true. And his concern was mainly for his children who are half-Filipinos. Because of it, I received e-mails from my former classmates of the Chong Hua Hospital School of Nursing 1975. Two of them I really appreciate for the indignation that they felt and the pride and understanding that they expressed for our own people.


On the other hand, I printed the response from berdibert of KSA, since he understood what the Dutch man felt and had understood what triggers it. For my part, I both understood and glad for others to take up the cudgels, since it would be hypocritical of me to deny what this person is saying having first hand witness of these stupidities among the Filipinos here in Tripoli.


Another article from Alex Lacson expressed the pride of being Filipino. That it has one of the biggest hearts, extending to the Jews, victims of the Holocaust, the Filipino hospitality amidst danger. That the Filipino mind is one of the world’s greatest assets, that it is one of humanity’s best example of the nobility of the human spirit, that the Filipina is one of the world’s most beautiful creatures. All these and more, Alex Lacson had extolled and I agree with him, that we can be proud of being Filipinos. However, I also have to say that we cannot rest on these accomplishments and proceed to create blunder after blunder. Then there is another letter from a Filipina, Ms. Remedios Paningbatan, who wrote of the reality of the Filipino today. And all that she said is also true. Although the hostage crisis was one single incident but it happened because of the present reality of corruption, indifference and irresponsibility that our leaders are  doing.


Indeed let us take pride in being Filipinos. But let us also take responsibility for our actions, be honest and honorable as the examples that Alex Lacson had written and that can be done only by what we do and not by what we say!

The Editor
Heroes Magazine Issue 16
Sunday, 25 July 2010

A fresh graduate of Assumption College, San Lorenzo Village, Makati, product of an OFWs sweat, effort and love
Dear friends




It was not so very long ago that the year had started and now we are in the middle of it. So many things had happened, too.


One of the worst in this quarter is the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico which had been going on for the past three months, now. We can only hope that BP will be able to finally stop it after all this time specially since the hurricane season is now starting in that part of the world. Then, of course, we in the Philippine had a supposedly democratic election. How democratic and fair that was is still a question in so many people’s minds as there are alarming stories that the election had been manipulated. Be that as it may, let us hope the newly-elected president may be able to do his job properly since so far the stories also coming out is not very encouraging. But then, we, Filipinos never learned from our mistakes. So let us hope this is not too much of a mistake since we will then be suffering it again for the next six years.


As for us in Tripoli, after the ambassador had announced that the Philippine Community School is private, the editor had received some rude messages but only from one person who pretended that the messages were sent by several people. Poor individual, she cannot be called a lady,  I think like the ambassador, she does not realize that there are no secrets in the internet and that any kind or all kinds of information can be had at the click of the mouse.


I displayed most of her messages except two because in one she claimed to be the newly elected president and in the other she claimed to  be myself replying to her messages. Since I am aware it was not the President and also that I would not stoop to her level of stupid and senseless writings, I ignored them. The rest are all here in the following pages. For a professional and an accountant, at that, she had the most appalling way of words that simply shows the kind of people the ambassador allowed to stay in the Philippine Community School when he declared it private.


This vulgar woman said; “talo ka na, Veron.” If I have lost, how come all they can do is to be rude and bad-mannered? Shouldn’t there be some celebrations instead of losing one of their staff? Food for thought, that! Don’t you think so?

God bless

    _The Editor

Heroes Magazine Issue 15
Thursday, 22 April 2010
ImageDear friends

Greetings of a wonderful year!

But  the world is not over the crisis as yet. Just after the New Year, different calamities have occurred one after the other.

The worst so far is the earthquake in Haiti followed by the different earthquakes in different parts of the world like Chile and Taiwan.

Then there were  floods in Peru, France and Spain and the Tsunamis again in Chile as far as Japan.

Indeed, and so far, we seem not to have taken a breath when another news of another disaster comes in additiont to the bombings in Iraq and the depreciation of both the Euro and the Dollar.

Perhaps it is because the Lord in the form of Mother Nature is chastising us. Who knows? We seem to have gotten lost of what we are here for on earth.

I am not one for dire predictions, but did you notice that most of the countries that are overwhelmed are mostly Catholics? It reminds me of Sodom and Gomorrah. The Lord punishes His people because He loves them and wants them to realize their wrongdoings before it is too late.

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